Goa Galaxy Presents Transomnia!

Goa Galaxy presents TRANSOMNIA - a booming triple birthday celebration of X-Termal, Negada and Papas under the blissful sounds of goa trance!


28.03.2015, Saturday, 21:00
club-bar Gramophone, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Special guest from Serbia:
IMBA (Suntrip Records / Neogoa Records) - goa trance live PA + DJ set

The Goa Galaxy team:
GoaAngel, GOAdelic, ElEmEnT, The Doulo Klan


Amazing Goagraphia 2 Party!

Amazing Goagraphia 2 party and this time in Plovdiv. Many thanks to all people who crowded the club! Zed Reactor and the DJs rocked the place. Warm and lovely atmosphere with crazy people who want more. So here are the good news - our next party is on 28.03.2015 at the same place - club Gramophone, Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

View or download our Goagraphia 2 party photos.
Some YouTube videos from the party.
Listen to 3 live DJ sets + 2 live acts at Goagraphia 2 by Negada, GoaAngel, the special guest Zed Reactor, Zerohour and GOAdelic.