Goa Galaxy’s Full Support for Transylvaliens Festival

Goa Galaxy's full support for the following goa trance festival:

Transylvaliens Festival 2016

presented by Transylvania Future Arts Association

28-31.07.2016, Ludos, near Sibiu, Romania

Special goa and progressive trance only line-up with artists:
Filteria, Agneton, Omnivox, Celestial Intelligence, Artifact 303, Crossing Mind, Cosmic Dimension, Imba, Lunar Dawn, Ancient Core, GoaTree, Atma,
and many DJs...

The Next Release Is Very Special!

Goa Galaxy has the great pleasure to announce the next release! It will be something really special for us - an album by the very famous goa trance project Bell Size Park from Israel. This upcoming album will be their first free download release also available on limited edition CDs (50 copies). Oldschool goa in new soundform! Stay tuned, it's coming!

Check Bell Size Park profiles: