Lovely Trancefall Open-Air Party!

Trancefall was one of the best Goa Galaxy's party experiences! Yes, we can say that. Just a lovely atmosphere in the last warm days of the year and the very beginning of the autumn. Thanks to all people who became part of this gathering!

View or download our photos taken at the three event days.
And some party videos. Excuse us for he bad quality.

We will have in mind further events like this where we can sense the unity.

Goa Galaxy Presents Trancefall!

Come in the forest with Goa Galaxy to Trancefall open-air party! Trees, shrooms, flying saucers, aliens... Psychedelic stuff and goa trance only event.

TRANCEFALL open-air party

Momina Banya, Hisarya, Bulgaria

Behind the decks: Bagala, OGO, Burgazadelic, GOAdelic, Slimec, Witness To The Nagual