“Toxeed – Trip Beyond The Lost Temple” Is Out Now!

We've discovered the music of Toxeed (Jeremy Marliot from France) in a very strange way but everything has ended well with a new friendship. And here is the result - "Trip Beyond The Lost Temple" (GOAGALAXY017) album-compilation with his best tracks selected by Goa Galaxy. Out now on limited edition CDs in 50 copies!

Free download at Goa Galaxy's Bandcamp.
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Complete information about the release in Music section.

An Important Announce About the “Awaken” Album!

     Dear Goa Galaxy followers,
We regret to inform you that the latest release by Joseph McDonough is no longer available, due to copyright issues.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience but we were misled by the artist Joseph McDonough!
The organization and netlabel trusted him for an awesome release but the original music is written and produced by Jeremy Marliot (Toxeed) from France. As fair play all the content has been removed or is still in process of being removed by the admins.
Goa Galaxy netlabel releases free but not stolen music! We don't claim to be professional and we are honest!
Thank you for the understanding!

      Goa Galaxy team

“Bell Size Park – Mysticum Tempore Aparatus (The Unreleased Files 1996-2016)” Is Out Now!

The Israeli goa trance project Bell Size Park will bring us to a travel through 20 years of the artist's work by their album "Mysticum Tempore Aparatus (The Unreleased Files 1996-2016)" (GOAGALAXY016)! It is out now for free digital download and on limited edition CDs (50 copies). The release is such a great pleasure for Goa Galaxy netlabel!

Free download at Goa Galaxy's Bandcamp.
Buy the CD on our online shop.
Find more about the album in its page.

The Next Release Is Very Special!

Goa Galaxy has the great pleasure to announce the next release! It will be something really special for us - an album by the very famous goa trance project Bell Size Park from Israel. This upcoming album will be their first free download release also available on limited edition CDs (50 copies). Oldschool goa in new soundform! Stay tuned, it's coming!

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