Goa Galaxy Presents Goagraphia 3!

Goa Galaxy presents GOAGRAPHIA 3 - the third edition of the ultimate goa trance & nitzhonot party! Celebrating Goa Galaxy's 8th and label owner GOAdelic's 32nd anniversaries!


20.02.2016, Saturday, 21:00
club-bar Gramophone, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Special guest from Stockholm, Sweden:
JOSEPH MCDONOUGH (rePSYcle Records) - goa trance live PA

The Goa Galaxy team:
GoaAngel, OGO, Zerohour & The Doulo Klan, Negada, GOAdelic

Goa Galaxy

Goa Galaxy is an organization and netlabel from Bulgaria dedicated to the development of goa trance music and culture. A galaxy of psychedelic music!