Goa Galaxy’s Full Support for BGF Festival

Goa Galaxy's full support for the following goa trance festival:

Suntrip Records 10 Years Anniversary

presented by Balkan Goa Fanatics

10-14.07.2014, Jankomir wood, Zagreb, Croatia

Special goa trance only line-up with artists:
Power Source, Dimension 5, Filteria, Goasia, M-Run, Artifact 303, Crossing Mind, Nova Fractal, Omnivox, Space Elves, Imba, Coa Goa, Arronax, Cosmic Dimension, J.I.S., Morphic Resonance, Adrenalin Run, Celestial Intelligence, Lunar Dawn, Ephedra,
and many DJs...

Goa Galaxy

Goa Galaxy is an organization and netlabel from Bulgaria dedicated to the development of goa trance music and culture. A galaxy of psychedelic music!