Apsara Festival - Suntrip Records festival focused on old and modern goa trance

Connection Festival - The biggest goa trance only festival

Ektoplazm - Free music portal

Goa Freaks psy-network - Everything about goa/psychedelic music and culture

Goabase - International calendar for goa and psytrance events

IsraTrance - Psytrance music directory and forum

Mushroom Magazine - The only one psychedelic trance magazine - Psychill music and psychedelic events

PsyDB - Goa & psytrance database

PsyNews - World active forum about goa/psychedelic trance

PsyPix - Goa/psychedelic trance music portal

Psyshop - The best online CD shop

PsySurfeur - Psytrance music and video downloads

Psytrance Guide - Psytrance styles guide - Polish psychedelic trance portal

Return Of The Sun - German website dedicated to goa trance

Trancentral - your psytrance gateway

Transylvaliens Festival - Transformational psychedelic arts gathering in Transylvania

Unreleased Goa Project - The other side of goa trance

ZNA Gathering - A retro-futuristic celebration