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Sofia, Bulgaria

About GoaAngel

Aleksandar Adamov from Sofia, Bulgaria, has been interested in goa trance music since 1996. At the age of 18 he listened for the first time two albums of Electric Universe. Since that day he never stops listening to goa trance. He was influenced by "Mystica - Ashes To Ashes", which has turned to be his favorite track. After the year 2000 Aleksandar met other favorite trance genre - uplifting/nitzhonot. Simultaneously with the development of the Internet he has started finding and learning more about the music that he loves. As a result of this GoaAngel collected many goa and uplifting trance releases in CDs and digital formats.

In the year of 2001 he has made some attempts in producing music and some tracks were successfully made. A few years devoting in goa trance Aleksandar started DJ mixing in 2003. After taking part at some parties he became better in DJing and later bought DJ equipment. Nowadays GoaAngel is one of the most famous Goa DJs in Bulgaria who plays at parties in the country.


As GoaAngel
Track   VA ‎– Galactic Discovery (Goa Galaxy)

As Paradise
 VA ‎– Maximum Resonance - The Second Coming (Not on label)