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goa trance


Sofia, Bulgaria

About Negada

Kameliya Tsonkova is a girl from Sofia, Bulgaria who has discovered the electronic music and goa/psychedelic trance in significance when she was 14 years old. Her dedication to this genre made her playing psychedelic music as DJ at parties since 2005, mentored by GoaAngel, when she was only 16. Negada's favorites music styles for mixing are goa trance and melodic full-on psychedelic. She used to have an online radio broadcast for psychedelic music mixes few years ago. Except DJing Kameliya loves painting art and graduated at the National Academy Of Art Sofia. She makes psychedelic decorations, paints T-shirts or textile, draws pictures.

Now Negada is an experienced and attractive DJane with her own style. She has performed gigs for more than a decade and the alias of Negada is well-known among the Bulgarian psychedelic trance people. You can often see and listen to her playing on Goa Galaxy's live streaming channel.


As a DJ only Negada has no discography but you can check her mixography.