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club *Mixtape 5* B-Side, Sofia

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Tranceway - Chill In


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Median Project's Debut Album "In The Depths Of Space"

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Galaxy Unit - Old School Anunnakis

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“Tranceway – Chill In” Is Out Now!

Get your soul chilled out with the first downtempo album on Goa Galaxy netlabel. Tranceway's release "Chill In" (GOAGALAXY021) is out now!
The third album by Franco Forte from Italy. Enjoy the flow!

Free download at Goa Galaxy's Bandcamp.
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10th Goa Galaxy’s Anniversary – 10 Years Dedication to the Psychedelic Music!

10 years Goa Galaxy - organization & netlabel!

Happy New 2018 Year! Goa Galaxy has its 10th anniversary! Ten years dedicated to the development and promotion of the goa/psychedelic trance music and culture.

Everything started as a simple idea in the very beginning of 2008 by a little team of enthusiasts, who strive to keep the Goa spirit alive. And if we overview this period, we have achieved many things - parties, much collected music, twenty releases by the netlabel, live streaming, and of course many friends.

We will celebrate the 10th anniversary at GOAGRAPHIA 5 party in Sofia. A special live synthesizers show by Galaxy Unit has been prepared.

Meanwhile we have two albums in progress which will be released until spring 2018.

And last but not least, a new live broadcast is on - "Psychedelic Art by Negada". She will paint accompanied by the sounds of goa trance music.

Goa Galaxy Presents Goagraphia 5!

Goa Galaxy presents GOAGRAPHIA 5 and let’s celebrate Goa Galaxy’s 10th and label owner GOAdelic’s 34th birthday with the fifth edition of the ultimate psychedelic music party!


24.02.2018, Saturday, 22:00
club *MIXTAPE 5* B-Side, Sofia, Bulgaria

A special synthesizers performance:

The Goa Galaxy team behind the decks:
Negada, OGO, Slimec, GOAdelic

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Goa Galaxy Stream Channel and Transelections

Stay in touch with the live broadcasts on our stream channel and like the new Facebook page.

The live streaming is also available on GoaAngel's YouTube channel.

Transelections live broadcast goes very well! So you can keep enjoying the past streams. They have been recorded and the highlights can be found in our Trending Videos playlist on YouTube.

"Galaxy Unit – Parallel Universes" Is Out Now!

The first Bulgarian pure goa trance album is a fact!

Goa Galaxy presents "Galaxy Unit – Parallel Universes" (GOAGALAXY020)! Welcome the debut release by the sideact project of Zdravko Minev (Alien Acid Blood).

It is available for digital download and on limited edition CD in 100 copies. Support us and enjoy the good music!

Download at Goa Galaxy's Bandcamp.
Buy the CD on our online shop.
More information about the album in Music.