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The debut full-length album "The Book Of Enoch" by Gezenstern presents a blast of energetic, melodic and acidic nitzhogoa sound! It contains eight powerful tracks which have been produced in the period of 2013-2019 as a mix of goa, nitzhonot and uplifting trance.

"And appear in the strength of His might from the heaven of heavens"
The Book Of Enoch

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The first track from Gezenstern's upcoming full-length album called "The Book Of Enoch".
Acidic nitzhonot / uplifting trance.



When goa trance is karma then listen with the volume up to the debut EP release by
Karma Emission project from Russia!

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Goa Galaxy is an organization and netlabel dedicated to the development of the underground psychedelic music and culture.

It is founded in the very beginning of 2008 by close friends who share same interests. As a result one of their dreams came true. Good or bad the things change but Goa Galaxy main aim stays.

In 2012 Goa Galaxy started to release music online and transformed into netlabel. We are opened for artists from all over the world. The netlabel releases only our favourite styles goa trancepsychedelic trancenitzhonot and downtempo. Generally we don't limit the music in one genre but we prefer to keep this way. Goa Galaxy crew still has no completely professional musicians or sound technicians but everything is made with a will and love. And if you like what we do in goa/psychedelic music, please support us!

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