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Transelections live broadcast goes very well!
So you can keep enjoying the past streams. They have been recorded and the highlights can be found in our Trending Videos playlist on YouTube.

"Galaxy Unit – Parallel Universes" Is Out Now!

The first Bulgarian pure goa trance album is a fact!
Goa Galaxy presents "Galaxy Unit – Parallel Universes" (GOAGALAXY020)! Welcome the debut release by the sideact project of Zdravko Minev (Alien Acid Blood).
It is available for digital download and on limited edition CD in 100 copies. Support us and enjoy the good music!

Download at Goa Galaxy's Bandcamp.
Buy the CD on our online shop.
More information about the album in Music.

The First Bulgarian Goa Trance Album Is Coming!

The time for the first goa trance album from Bulgaria finally has come!
Goa Galaxy proudly presents Galaxy Unit and his album "Parallel Universes". Our 20th release will be out on 20th of October 2017. It will be available for digital download and on limited edition CDs.

Galaxy Unit is a goa trance side project by Zdravko Minev who is generally specialized in rock and industrial music. It is a pleasure for us to release his debut album in the psychedelic genre.

Stay tuned for more details about the release and check our website or Facebook page.

Check the album preview